Unarmed Media work

Out Of The Ring Trailer - camera op 2

Making Bread with Dr. Carl Saviano - Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Design

Schoology - Cinematographer, Editor

Sicada - Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Iceland + Edwin Hacking - Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Clinton Global Initiative - Editor

At Home with Mauricio Bustamante - Cinematographer, Editor

Pioneer Mode Promo video - Editor

At Home with David Cieri - Cinematographer, Editor

Pan-Roasted Radish Crostini - Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Chia Pudding - Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Design

The Laughing Heart - Co Director, Cinematographer, Editor

At Home with Erin Albract and Matt Egan - Cinematographer and Editor

Mumbai to Kerala - Extended Version - Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Design

How to Make Ghee - Director, Cinematographer, Editor

At Home wtih Shino Takeda - Cinematographer, Editor

Halsbrook Designer Spotlight - Anya Cole -  Editor, Cinematographer

Halsbrook Designer Spotlight - Karolina Zmarlak - Editor, Cinematographer

Hommeade Gushers -  Cinematographer, Editor

The Lone Bellow Returns to Brooklyn - Co Editor

 The Jerome L. Greene Space

The Greene Space - Sir Ian Mckellen - Live Editor, Video Engineer

August Wilson's "Joe Tuner's come and gone" (exerpt) - Live Editor, Video Engineer

The Greene Space - Tig Notaro - live editor, video engineer

The Greene Space - Andrew Bird - Live Editor, Video Engineer

Soundcheck - Grizzly Bear - Live Editor, Video Engineer

WQXR present the Gilmore artists 2014 - Live Camera Operator, Co Director, Video Engineer

SounCheck - Talib Kweli - Live Editor, Video Engineer